Duncan Garner

Award-winning journalist and television presenter Duncan Garner has covered many stories of tragedy where a lifejacket would have made the difference between life and death. That’s why he teamed up with Water Safety New Zealand to spread the safety message to boaties nationwide.

A keen fisherman and boatie, Duncan attended a Coastguard Boating Education day skipper course in 2014 to increase his knowledge and skills on the water. Some of his best times have been spent onboard his 12-foot fizz boat but even Duncan admits, before he’d done the day skipper, he was putting his and other lives at risk.

Duncan is a household name on our television screens. Prior to hosting 3rd Degree Duncan Garner was Political Editors at TV3 and TVNZ for many years, before departing the parliamentary press gallery, and moving to Auckland.  As well as his work for TV3, Duncan is the host of RadioLIVE’s DRIVE show.

Duncan has been repeatedly recognised for the quality of his journalism work. And he’s already shown huge commitment to helping stop Kiwi blokes in boats drowning. We’re thrilled to have him onboard as a water safety ambassador.

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