Back in the pool


Fans of awesome soul music will know the Etta James classic At Last.

That was the song going through my head as I finally managed to make it back to Hilton Brown Swim School for another lesson today.

Although she was singing about finally finding her true love whereas I was thinking about finally making it back to my swimming lessons.

I had finally got a window in my busy schedule (also known as unemployment) and so I was able to go this morning and it felt great.

It seems hard sometimes when life gets in the way to make it to the pool but it is so worth it.

I was nervous that the progress I had made would wither thanks to my weeks upon weeks of non-pool activity but I was pleasantly surprised.

Thank goodness for that thing they call muscle memory.

I thought it would be a case of two steps forward and ten back but my instructor Andrew said I wasn’t too bad.

My kick is getting good, it just tends to fall apart once I try and add the arms to it.

It’s like when you first learn to drive and it seems like there’s so many things to concentrate on that it seems impossible that it will all work together one day.

But I am confident that I will.

So the individual components of swimming seem to be ok, it’s just putting altogether.

The one – vitally important – thing I’m not doing is practising.

It’s like anything in life I guess. If you practise it, you’ll get better, that simple.

Another key thing I need to grasp is to relax.

That’s also like most things in life. If you can relax while doing something, you’ll do it better.

So there you have it. I am feeling great to be finally resuming my mission that I call Operation Learn to Swim.

I hope you are going well with your efforts in the water.

Lots of Love.