Bringing it all together


In the last couple of weeks I have managed to squeeze in two lessons and I am so glad.

At my first lesson I was worried that such a long layoff because of work would perhaps mean that I would be back at square one. Which is not far off drowning. In fact it’s not too dissimilar to drowning at all.

But I was pleasantly surprised that thanks to that mysterious thing called muscle memory I had managed to retain most of the stuff from my first bout of lessons at the end of last year.

I am still though a bit of a way off. I manage to do the individual components passably enough – arm strokes, kicking, breathing – but when I try and put it all together my technique falls to pieces and I am grateful that I can just stand up and breathe again.

The lessons are going well though and I think I am starting to make sense of the whole deal.

The challenge that remains is too basic, to practise.

If I did more of that I think the lessons would see more rapid improvements.

I regret not keeping my lessons up through work and business but am determined now that I am more free, to keep to them regularly and hopefully be able to report to you more progress.

If I can do more practice though – the individual parts and trying to put them together in stages – then I’ll be there even quicker.

Love yous.