Like A Baby In The Water


After my initial embarrassment at coming out as a non-swimmer I am getting used to it and after another lesson am quite enjoying the learning.

Since Campbell Live on TV3 very kindly did a story on me embarking on this process and getting the message of Water Safety New Zealand out there, I was a bit shamed out when people who had seen the story on TV would call out to me on the street and ask me how my swimming lessons were going.

But they always asked with a smile and seemed genuinely supportive. So thanks to those kind interested people.

Another nice thing is that I've met a couple of adults who reported similar stories about having a fear of water when they were young which kept them out of the water and from learning.

It seems to me that non-swimmers are more common than one would think.

Work has kept me busy and out of the pool but I finally got in another lesson last week at Hilton Brown Swim School and it was choice as.

Hilariously, every time I seem to have a lesson a group of mothers and their babies are in other half of the pool doing lessons too.

I try to get inspired from how relaxed the babies are in the water.

I am starting to learn that being relaxed is actually one of the most important parts of learning to swim.

As soon as I get less freaked out, and less tense and relax more, my lessons go better.

My teacher Andrew says my progress is okay and we even started to talk about the breathing part of swimming.

I do need to get into the pool more and practice what he teaches me. Once I do that I reckon my progress will go faster.

Until then it's baby steps in the pool while the babies nearby happily and freely gurgle and swim around.