Taking the Plunge


I’ve always been limited at the pool/beach. The only one playing in the shallow end and pretending it was fun.

My friends would spend about a minute trying to encourage me to float.

“It’s easy bro! Just lie back and put your feet up.”

They demonstrated with ease, lying back as though the pool/sea was a big waterbed. Looking into the beautiful vast sky with the kind of serenity and bliss Beethoven had in Immortal Beloved when he figured out the tune to Ode to Joy.

I would try it. My head would sink, my ears filled with water – which felt yuck - and I promptly started to drown.

My friends would persevere through two or three more near drownings, before giving up and swimming further out to do some floating.

I put it down to having heavy Pacific Island bones. Until I saw that all of my Pacific Island mates could at least float.

So I’d just stand in the shallow end and ridiculously bobble around up and down as though I was kind of floating.

Then I had a brainwave. An idea so simple I thought it might just be crazy enough to work.

Instead of always feeling stink about not being able to float/swim at the pools/beach, why don’t I just learn?

A bell sounded.

It was like how the apple donged Sir Isaac Newton on the head and he realised the principle of gravity and that falling fruit can hurt if you’re sitting under the tree.

Now thanks to Water Safety New Zealand I can learn. I am expecting this to change my life and open up a whole new world of conversation.

A whole new area of the planet that I always stayed away from for fear of drowning.

First things first though. Step by step I will have to learn.

Can’t wait.