Through the water


Well after a hiccup and a period of levelling out and then a few more hiccups I feel like I’m starting to get a handle on this whole swimming thing.

And now that we’re almost at the halfway point of the year it’s a chance for me to look back and consider my progress.

Which has been way slower than I expected and actually a valuable lesson on how long it really takes to learn how to swim.

And it’s not just because life and work gets in the way but also because it takes time for the body to learn something it had been in abject terror of for most of its life. To just relax in the water seems to be the hardest thing to do but I’m starting to get that it’s also possibly the most important.

I started in December and I thought I would be swimming by January. Maybe if I had put in some hard out practise I may have but here we are in June and I’m still not taking my feet off the bottom of the pool with confidence.

My last two lessons were good though and again thrusting me into a forward direction. I finally got what the whole arm-stroke-thingy is for.

I use to think it was just part of the technique of swimming, Which it is. But it is also like your arms and hands are big paddles you use to pull you through the water.

And I’m starting to grasp another concept. The fact that you don’t really swim on top of the water. It’s more like you swim through the water.

I’ll elaborate as I understand more. Stay classy.