To the depths of the pool


At my latest lesson I went from the heights of joy to the depths of the pool.

I am happy to report that now that I am able to commit to more regular lessons my progress has been quite good.

Or at least I thought it was quite good. My lesson started well when coach told me to get in the pool and just lie on my back in the water with my feet and hips up and to try and float.

Instinctively I thought that if I spent too much time thinking about it, it would never happen. So I did, and after some adjustment with my hips to try and raise them I managed it. It was marvellous. I managed it for a few seconds before stopping and getting on with my lesson.

I haven’t tried it again yet. I’m almost too scared to in case it was a fluke. Anyway, buoyed (sorry) by that success, after practising a few drills I had to try and swim a whole length of the pool – yes a whole actual length – using the blue floaty board thingy for my hands to hold on to at the end of my arm stroke.

Until then I had only managed at the most three arm strokes before I would have to stop, stand up and have a rest. I had never before tried to swim the length of the pool without stopping.

Somehow I did it. My joy was comparable to the one you get the first time you ride a bike without falling off.

Bouyed (can’t resist) ever further by that I tried to swim a whole length without using the blue floaty board thingy. You know, like actually swim.

I thought I would be able to do it. Nek minnit. I find myself swimming mostly underwater. As opposed to effortlessly powering through the surface of the water.

Bummed out. It showed how much I still needed the blue floaty board thingy.

Oh well. Trying hard out to get some practise time in a pool so that I can really push my progress at my lessons. Chur.