Water Skills for Life taught at Porirua schools


Our preventable fatal drowning toll is too high and too many New Zealanders continue to die in our waterways - 31 deaths since Dec 1st 2016. “International research has shown us teaching core safety skills is the best way to keep Kiwis safe in and around the water,” says CEO Jonty Mills. “We are directing most of our funding into Water Skills for Life as we want to equip 5–13-year-olds for life-long water safety. “ 

Around 1,500 children in low decile schools in Porirua will be taught Water Skills for Life by Dash Swim School this year thanks to funding from WSNZ. “A 2016 study revealed only a quarter of our schools achieve an acceptable level of water safety education. We need to change that,” says Mills.

Ngati Toa School will be the first local school to be taught Water Skills for Life and as they have their own pool they are getting the lessons for free. Porirua Mayor Mike Tana says the funding is a great boost for Porirua’s young people.
“These are absolutely vital life skills that every child should get the chance to learn, and this funding means we can extend our reach to more children than ever.”