Stacey Morrison To Help Prevent Under Fives Drowning


Well-known TV and radio personality Stacey Morrison is helping educate New Zealanders about keeping pre-schoolers safe around water, in her new role as a water safety ambassador.


Stacey, who has three children including a two year old, says keeping children safe around the water is an issue close to her heart.


“We’re surrounded by water in New Zealand, I love seeing our kids being active and enjoying swimming, so developing their water skills is hugely important to me, I think my kids are already better swimmers than I am!”


“I’m delighted to help make sure parents and caregivers get the safety messages, the most important of which is to keep your child within arms reach and sight when in, on or around the water.”


Water Safety New Zealand CEO Matt Claridge says having Stacey Morrison onboard to help raise awareness of the issue is a huge boost.


“Tragically, there are still pre-schoolers drowning in this country - with four deaths so far this year. With Stacey’s help we hope to reach more people and keep working towards bringing this drowning toll down to zero where it should be.”


Mr Claridge says a Plunket campaign where around 62,000 parents each year receive a bathmat and accompanying water safety tips at a baby’s five-month check plays a crucial role in getting the message out there, but more work needs to be done.


“Unfortunately more support is needed in this area. But with Stacey’s involvement and the ongoing Plunket initiative we hope to have a positive impact.”


Stacey Morrison hosts acclaimed television series Whānau Living on TV One and is the co-host of The Hits afternoon show.




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