Ministry of Transport ‘Clear Heads’ Discussion Paper

WSNZ has fully supported the Safer Boating Forum’s submission on the Clear Heads: options to reduce the risks of alcohol and drug related impairment discussion paper. We have also submitted our views on other measures that would help reduce alcohol use on or around water.

These include: 

  • Advocating for development of a long term, high profile public alcohol reduction strategy for the maritime sector (in tandem with the aviation and rail sectors) along the lines of the drink driving campaign
  • A stronger role for the Ministry of Transport in collaborating with water safety agencies for alcohol reduction
  • Adoption of a strong precautionary and preventative approach for any new regulatory measures, to anticipate expected increases in alcohol related boating and drowning incidents.

You can follow this link to make a submission to MOT or click here to view the Safer Boating Forum’s submission.

To view WSNZ's draft submission, click here