2016/17 Funding Programme

Water Safety New Zealand’s 2016/17 Funding Programme is now open.

We are inviting funding applications from suitably qualified organisations to deliver drowning prevention interventions that make a real difference to the drowning toll. We will invest in initiatives that deliver to the goals of the New Zealand Water Safety Sector Strategy 2020.

Expressions of Interest

Please note:

  • If you received WSNZ Funding in 2015/16 you are not required to submit an Expression of Interest this year. You may proceed directly to the full application stage.
  • All other applications are required to submit an Expression of Interest form.

The Expression of Interest (EOI) stage enables organisations who are considering developing a proposal to outline their initial thinking. 

The EOI stage may require applicants to undertake an interview with WSNZ.

The EOI phase will enable more targeted and focused applications and conversations to take place for those organisations who did not receive funding last year.

For the 2016/17 Funding Programme Prospectus please click here

The EOI form is attached here.

The Application Form is attached here.

EOI's and applications can be sent to wsnz@watersafety.org.nz.

Please Note: the Water Survival Competencies Framework for 5 to 13 year olds is attached to the Funding Programme Prospectus.

For Water Survival Competencies click here or for the Water Survival Competencies Guide click here

Critical dates for the 2016/17 funding process are:



Funding Programme opens

Monday 11 April

Expressions of Interest due

Monday 2nd May  (10am)

EOI Interviews (if required)

Between Monday 9th May & Tuesday 10th May

Notification to proceed to application or not

Monday 16th May

All applications close

Tuesday 7th June (10am)

Notification of outcomes to applicants

Tuesday 23rd  August 2015

WSNZ Board and management Conflict of Interest forms

The information detailed in these forms is provided by the Board and management of WSNZ for the purpose of identifying conflicts of interest they may experience when undertaking their responsibilities in relation to the 2016/17 investment process. To view the Conflict of Interest forms, click here.