Water Safety New Zealand is responsible for managing the distribution of funding for drowning prevention purposes from the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board, Sport New Zealand, ACC and commercial partners. 

2017/18 Year

Funding available totalled $1,664,260. View recipients list here. 

Four National Infrastructure Agencies* (NIA) received $685,000 representing 41.2% of funding.

24 Regional Programme Delivery Agencies received $972,000 representing 58% of funding. 

$7,260 was invested in research run by Otago University to develop and test an evidence-based skills acquisition approach to teaching water skills to children. 

* Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, Swimming New Zealand, Surf Life Saving New Zealand and Coastguard Boating Education.

2016/17 Year

Funding available totalled $1,535,000.

38 applications from 32 organisations totalling $2,822,637 were received. There was an oversubscription to the funding programme of $1,287,637 (or 84%).

Read the 2016/2017 recipients list here


2015/2016 Year

Funding available included $1,576,359 plus grant funding from philanthropic trusts and other funding bodies of $135,000. This represents a total funding pool of $1,711,359.

38 applications from 34 organisations, totalling $2,702,159 were received. 

Read the 2015/2016 recipients list here