Waka Ama water safety tips and tricks

Brought to you by ActivePost, Water Safety New Zealand and Waka Ama New Zealand.

Waka Ama is a water sport and for many of us a way of life. We want to ensure that all our paddlers, and clubs are safe when out paddling on the ocean, harbour, rivers and lakes. We have prepared some short clips that you can share with your team, club, paddle buddies and mates that remind us all of the things we need to do to ensure we are responsible on the water.

We will release a new clip each week. We hope you enjoy them and most importantly include the messages in your daily paddling routine.

Special thanks to Ignite Studios, Kingi Gilbert, Jaffray Ah Kuoi, Jackson Tamaariki, Amiria Mita, Sheena Jury! And of course to our partners : ActivePost and Water Safety New Zealand.

Kia Maanu, Kia Ora! - Stay Afloat, Stay Alive!

Week 1: Bungs

Week 2: Lifejackets

Week 3: Inspection Hatches

Week 4: Bailers