Swim to Survive

Research from 2010 showed that 80% of kiwi children could not swim well enough to save themselves if they found themselves in trouble in the water. With initiatives like Sealord Swim for Life, we are ensuring that all children are given the opportunity to learn these important skills and increasing their chance of surviving in the water.

Children generally begin learning to swim about the age of five, as prior to this age children are not physically capable of learning the complex motor skills associated with swimming. Younger children however can start learning water safety skills, beginning with floating and then learning to move in the water.

Survival Sequence

By the age of ten, a child should be able to complete the survival sequence.

Dressed in long sleeved shirt, long pants and shoes jump into deep water and make your way to the surface. Remove your shoes while treading water for three minutes, occasionally raising your hand and calling for help. Swim slowly for about 50 metres to safety.

Sealord Swim for Life

Sealord Swim for Life is a partnership between Water Safety New Zealand and Sealord. It is an initiative that enables regional partners to support schools and local communities to deliver swim to survive programmes.

Visit the Sealord Swim for Life website for more information and to get involved.