Learn to Swim to Survive advice

These pages are designed to demonstrate how you can contribute to your child enjoying the water safely throughout their lives.

Learning to swim to survive is a progression that starts with the development of basic skills. Teaching your child simple skills and providing plenty of opportunities to experience the water and gain in confidence will provide the required foundation for further learning.

Indicative age groups are provided as a guide to help you with where to start but you will need to understand your child’s current ability, match that with the skills recommended and work forward from there.

ALWAYS remember that active parental involvement (physically being in the water with your child) is essential for a secure and productive learning environment.

HAVE FUN! The more you and your child enjoy the experience together the greater the results will be.

Important Note: Teaching young children can be frustrating if you expect immediate results. All kids are different, don’t push them and allow them to go at own pace. Remember, they have a long time to improve their abilities in the water. Initially the focus must be on enhancing their familiarity and confidence in the water. This process will take time, but the rewards and benefits of swimming will last them a lifetime.