What this means for you

Many swim teachers will be able to incorporate the new Water Skills for Life approach, with only minor changes, into their current programmes. 

To assist you, we have provided video examples under each of the groups of skills outlined in this kit.

There will be additional support available if significant programme changes are required.  You can access this additional support from Swimming New Zealand or AUSTSWIM Aotearoa.

Whatever your situation, there will be a need for some creative thinking and innovative solutions in the delivery of programmes incorporating the Water Skills for Life skill sets. How you teach Water Skills for Life and how you assess it is up to you. We have included some tips and tricks in this kit to help you with this.

An important part of Water Skills for Life is the recording of data. WSNZ has developed an assessment sheet, which can be printed and used to record student achievements. 

Download Assessment Sheet

This assessment sheet is a reflection of how achievements are recorded on the Water Skills for Life database. If it needs to be adjusted to fit in better with how you run your lessons, you can do so. 

Alternatively, if wifi is available, achievements can be inputted into the database via a device (Ipad or similar).

Skills are assessed as having been achieved, not yet achieved or not achieved.

Ideally, achievements would be recorded as they occur – which means we can begin looking at areas such as the time taken to achieve each competency. However, if this isn’t possible, competency data should be inputted by the end of each term.


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