Fire Fighting

Remove one of the following:

  • fuel – turn off the gas or petrol supply, or remove combustible material;
  • heat – by applying cold water;
  • oxygen – smother the fire with CO2, dry powder, or foam or cover with a fire blanket. When using an extinguisher, aim at the base of the fire while keeping low.

Prevention of Fires

NEVER smoke while refuelling!

  • Ventilate the boat thoroughly after refuelling;
  • remove all rags and materials which have inflammable products on them;
  • maintain the electrical systems on your boat to prevent shortouts and sparks;
  • Fit a smoke detector in the cabin.


There are different types of fire extinguisher, each suited to a particular type of fire. A dry powder extinguisher is a good general purpose type which will work well on most fires. It needs to be shaken occasionally to prevent the powder compacting;

  • fire extinguishers should be kept outside the engine space in places where they can be reached from the open deck or cockpit after the fire starts;
  • ensure all on board know where the extinguishers are stowed and how to 
use them;
  • Have your fire extinguisher serviced regularly;
  • under no circumstances should water be used on fuel or electric fires.