Life jackets for kids

How much value do you put on your child’s life?

When it comes to messing about in boats, there is always a danger of getting into serious trouble. Make sure your child has a life jacket, as it could just about be the best present they get this summer.

There are several key points when purchasing a life jacket for a child. It must be a good fit and be the correct size for their body weight. It is critical when buying a life jacket, be it a full life jacket, buoyancy vest or inflatable jacket that you never buy one that your child will grow into. It must fit NOW!

In choosing any life jacket there should be enough buoyancy to float your child with their head and shoulders out of the water. It must not have a tendency to turn and hold your child in a facedown position.

Because children vary in their shape, they can be thin, short or tall and yet still weigh the same, it is vital to spend time trying on different brands and types. The garment must suit the activity the child will be doing and above all it must be comfortable.

Fastenings should be durable and not prone to corrosion, with zips made of plastic and not metal. Colour choice is also something to consider as bright contrasting colours aid location during a rescue. The most effective colours are red, orange and yellow.

Comfort is an important consideration, because if the jacket isn’t comfortable the child will not want to wear it. If it fits snugly, then you might find yourself reminding your child to take it off as they walk away up the beach from the boat. It should also be easy to get on and off and allow freedom of movement both in and out of the water.

Choosing the right life jacket for your child is important, so make certain you make the right choice and not one that you may live to regret!

Children wearing life jackets