These fun motor craft are very popular at beaches and on our water ways during the summer. They give us quick and easy access to the water, with the thrills of high speed boating.

With the thrills come the dangers. Follow the guidelines listed below and ensure your experiences with PWCs are safe and enjoyable for yourself as well as others.

Remember, PWCs are considered power boats in law, and the relevant rules apply to their use.

  • Keep your distance – collisions between PWCs at speed are very dangerous.
  • Unless fitted with the required navigation lights PWCs must not be used between sunset and sunrise.
  • Wear a life jacket – It is mandatory to wear a life jacket.
  • Obey speed limits – Keep to 5 knots (9.25kph) or less within:
    • 200m of shore;
    • 200m of vessels flying a dive flag;
    • 50m of another person in the water; 
    • 50m of another vessel, including other PWCs.
  • Know the age limit – As a PWC is a power boat, you must be 15 years or older to operate one.
  • Noise annoys – Keep away from residences or areas where people will be annoyed by noise.
  • Don’t drink and drive – Alcohol and PWCs don’t mix.
  • Know how to swim – Be a survival swimmer.
  • Check local bylaws – Check with your regional council regarding bylaws, which may restrict areas for PWCs or reserve special places for their use. Some councils require PWCs to be registered.