A significant danger occurs when our inland waterways (rivers, creeks and streams) flood. As these waterways swell up they can quickly become death traps. Debris and fast flowing currents can cause banks to become unstable and even a small rise in the water level can dramatically change the way a river flows.

When inland waterways are in flood it is important to keep out of the water wherever possible and keep well away from river and creek banks, they can become weak and subject to collapsing.

A significant number of people have drowned attempting to rescue others in rivers in flood. On many occasions, the person being rescued made it back to shore alive. It is important to ensure your own safety first.

While ropes may appear to be a good life saving device, unless you have had extensive training it is dangerous to have them in rivers. In untrained or inexperienced hands a person in the water can get tangled in the rope and the force of the river can pin them under the surface.