Swimming spots in rivers can be great places in summer. If you pick your spot carefully and check it out each time you swim there you can keep yourself and your friends safe.

Swimming in a river is different from swimming in a pool or in the sea. Swimmers often underestimate the power of the river or overestimate their own abilities.

The river bottom is irregular and can change from day to day and it is often difficult to tell how deep a certain part of the river is. Many people are seriously injured each year jumping into water that is too shallow.

Stay safe when swimming in rivers by:

  • Learn swimming and swimming survival skills.
  • Always swim as part of a group.
  • Check for hazards both where you are swimming and downstream.
  • Do not mix swimming with alcohol or drugs.
  • Check out any jumping spot thoroughly before jumping. Do this by getting in the water and physically checking the depth and the whole landing area. Do this every time you visit a jumping spot to check that nothing has drifted into the landing zone since you were last there.